It’s that time of year again! Time to start ELO climbing so you can get better ranked rewards!

We are going to be doing a number of videos over the coming weeks on how you can use certain snowball style champions to quickly rise out of lower ELOs and achieve your ranked dreams. 

Here is an example of our Ranked Workshop event we run weekly (sundays) on our Livestream. These videos are invaluable for you to watch back for advice and even better you can participate at 


Yes, I’m talking to you!

Have you played League for years but never really advanced at ranked or achieved your longterm ranked goals? Maybe you go 15 kills in a lot of your games but just can’t close the game out. Well we host a weekly event designed to help you out. 

We’ve been hosting our ranked workshops for almost a year now and have a lot of players climb out of their own ELO hell. The workshops don’t cost anything at all. We host them every sunday on our livestream! Come join the livestream to find out all about them! You can use the command !workshop for more info!